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Schoop - the school ID is 17699

Twitter - @StDavidsCiWPrm https://twitter.com/StDavidsCiWPrm

Email: nursery@stdavidsprm.cardiff.sch.uk

Google classroom code: lnmvdmg



Important dates


Autumn Term 2021


6th September 2021- Children return to school (drop off time 8.30am - 8.55am this week only)


Drop off times - 8.45am-8.55am

Pick up times - 12pm


17th September - School Closed – (Staff Training)

20th September – School Closed - (Staff Training)

23rd September – Rags to Riches Collection

24th September - Macmillan Coffee Morning

19th October – School Individual Photos

18th &19th October – Parents Evening

25th October – End of term - Half Term

1st November – Return to School

15th November – International Languages and Culture week

6th December – Christmas Concert Week (TBC)

15th December – Messy Christmas Day

17th December - End of Term

Tuesday 4th January 2022 – Return to school

Classroom routines



Please bring a bottle of water to school daily, clearly labelled with your child's name.


Healthy snacks can be purchased from the snack trolly or brought in from home. Children will be offered toast and milk in the morning.



Please wear PE kit to school on Friday's. Children should wear black shorts, house colour or white t-shirt and trainers, labelled clearly with their name. They may also wear black jogging  bottoms when completing activities outdoors. 



Please ensure that all items of clothing are clearly labelled with your child's name.


Spare clothes

Please ensure that your child has a spare set of clothes every day in their bag that includes a top, skirt or trousers, pants and socks or tights. Please can you also include wet wipes.

New parents meeting 13/7/21

Congratulations to this week’s Taff Fechan VIP! You are always so helpful and such a kind friend! Well done!

Me and my family tree


What is special about me? How do we show that we care? In this topic, we’ll learn about love, families and how people are the same and different. We’ll pose for photographs and recognise ourselves, our names and our friends. We’ll look at our reflections and talk about what we can see. In our cosy home corner, we’ll care for dolls and teddies. We’ll enjoy sharing books about love, feelings and families. Outside, we’ll practise following instructions and think about how our brilliant bodies move. Using our mathematical skills, we’ll measure and compare our hands, feet and heights. We’ll count candles and think about why we celebrate birthdays. Getting creative, we’ll make amazing artwork of people we love.  We’ll make delicious foods to share and draw pictures of ourselves with our families.


Pupil Voice - At St David's we encourage the children to engage in their own learning. If your child would like to learn about something linked to our topic, or if you have a lovely suggestion for an activity that could support this topic, please email Mrs Underhill-Jones at nursery@stdavidsprm.cardiff.sch.uk. 

Four purposes


This term we will be:


Healthy, confident individuals - Have secure values and are establishing our spiritual and ethical beliefs, Are building our mental and emotional well-being by developing confidence, resilience and empathy, Take part in physical activity, Form positive relationships based upon trust and mutual respect, Have the skills and knowledge to manage everyday life as independently as we can


Ethically, informed citizens - Understand and consider the impact of our actions when making choices and acting, Are knowledgeable about our culture, community, society and the world, now and in the past, Respect the needs and rights of others, as a member of a diverse society


Ambitious, capable learners - ​​​​Set ourselves high standards and seek and enjoy challenge, Are building up a body of knowledge and have the skills to connect and apply that knowledge in different contexts, Are questioning and enjoy solving problems, Can communicate effectively in different forms and settings, using both Welsh and English, Can explain the ideas and concepts they are learning about, Can use number effectively in different contexts, Use digital technologies creatively to communicate, find and analyse information


Enterprising, creative, contributors - Identify and grasp opportunities, Take measured risks, Express ideas and emotions through different media, Give their energy and skills so that other people will benefit



Click on the link below to see this term's homework grid. Children may do as many homework tasks as they like and bring them into school to share with the class whenever a task has been completed.

Hwb and Google Classroom

Google For Education - Blended and Distance Learning at St David's CIW

Home Learning



In the unexpected event of another school closure or if your child is at home self-isolating, you will find weekly activities both here and on our Google classroom page

        Christian Values                 





Our school Christian Value for this term is  Generosity


“Love your neighbour as yourself."


                                                            Mark 12.31


Generosity is ………


G iving something we value to someone else

E  ncouraging the best in each other

N ever selfish

E  njoying helping others

R  aising support for a good cause

O ffering what we can

S  haring our time and talents

I   nviting someone to join in

T  aking care of God’s creation for future generations

Y  ou first, me last.


Parent video: Introduction to Daily Read Write Inc. Phonics Lessons

Watch this video to find out what you need to know about Daily Phonics Lessons.





This is an online resource where you child can learn new sounds, words and practise the skill of reading through storytelling and games. 






This is an online resource where your child can read online books, play phonics and CVC word games as well as activity inspiration for practical activities inside and outside the house. The resource is free to use and has lots of advice for parents.

Username: mrsunderhilljones

Password: nursery






Phonics Play is an interactive game that we use in the classroom daily. There are lots of activities for CVC words- our favourite is Obb and Bob. When selecting activities please select Phase 2. 

(This activity needs flash player)

Username: march20









Oxford Owl has some lovely mathematics games, including shape, addition, subtraction and even time. They also have downloadable resources including worksheets and wonderful advice for parents.



P.E is on a Friday.  Your child will need to come to school in their PE kit. PE kit consists of  black shorts, house colour or white t-shirt and trainers, labelled clearly with their name. They may also wear black jogging bottoms and a school jumper for outside activities. 

Real PE



Real PE is a unique, child centred approach that transforms how we teach PE to include, challenge and support EVERY child.

Jasmine - your real learning platform, provides 1000s of hours of fun activities and challenges that will help you to keep your children and family fit and healthy in the coming months.


The website address is: home.jasmineactive.com 
Parent email: 





Children will have opportunities to speak Welsh daily in school. We encourage the children to ask and answer questions using our 'Helper Heddiw'. We will begin by learning colours in Welsh, the weather and then about our feelings and asking 'Sut wyt ti?'

Here is a link to a video of the Welsh colours which will help your child learn;


Welsh Rainbow Song



As part of modern foreign languages (MFL) Taff Fechan will be learning Italian. We will learn colours and numbers. Below is a song to help us.



Impara i colori con gli amici pesciolini @MelaMusicTV



Languagenut is a wonderful online tool where children can access resources to support the development of their new language (Italian). Each child will have their own log in details where they can gain points for activities completed. Languagenut will also give you the correct pronunciation of words and phrases. You can learn alongside your child! These points will show a class ranking, school ranking, and even our school ranking compared to all schools around the world. Reception have access to Italian and Welsh! At St David's we love multilingual children. Have fun!!

Where to start Italian: We will be learning our different colours.



Your child will have their own login details for Purple mash and Hwb

Internet Safety


For information about supporting your child with using the internet safely, please click on the following link:






Healthy snacks are provided at £2 a week/£14 per term which can be paid for half termly via parent pay or please provide one piece of fresh fruit or vegetable for your child's snack every day. We are a healthy eating school so only provide a healthy snack such as an apple, banana, carrot sticks, oranges etc. Please note that grapes need to be sliced longways. Children may bring a bottle of water with their name clearly labelled to school to drink. We are happy to refill their bottles for them during the day. We will provide milk daily to the children who want it.




Nursery Girls:

• Black skirt/pinafore dress/shorts/trousers

• White polo shirt either plain or with school logo

• Green sweatshirt or cardigan, either plain or with school logo (without a hood)

• Plain black knee length socks or black tights

• During the summer green and white checked dresses with plain white short or knee length socks


Nursery Boys:

• Black shorts or trousers (no jogging bottoms)

• White polo shirt either plain or with school logo

• Green sweatshirt or cardigan, either plain or with school logo (without a hood)

• Plain black socks


Children need a change of clothes and footwear for P.E (for health and hygiene reasons) and a draw-string bag in which to keep the kit at school. All school uniform and P.E. kit must be labelled with your child’s name


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