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Communication at St David's



Communicating with our friends, families and the wider community is very important to us at St David's. CIW Primary School. 

As a school we appreciate that not all families and friends have access to the same technological devices, therefore we use the following platforms as our main forms of communication: -   


1) Schoop -   Schoop’s unique approach is that information flow is one-way and non-sensitive, which means anyone with an interest can easily connect and receive alerts, newsletters and engagement articles, an interactive calendar, and forms from the school.

There is no registration required, and all a subscriber needs is your unique Schoop ID to connect. (Please see the information below) 

The Schoop app will be used to notify parents of important information, this will be our main form of daily communication. 


2) Twitter - Twitter will be used to share and celebrate learning experiences in our school. 


3) Website - Our website will be used to share information about our school, including policies and other important documentation. 


4) New letters - Paper copies of letters will be sent home for anything that requires signatures from parents or guardians.


5) Email - For non urgent information, please contact the school office on jsheedy@cardiff.gov.uk