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Criw Cymraeg



We are a group of Year 1 and 2 pupils who enjoy promoting Welsh around our school and in our community.


Meet our Criw Cymraeg 2023-24!


1: Encourage all learners to use Welsh everyday in their classes.​

2: Support creation and judging of Eisteddfod activities.


How are we going to do it? Click the link below to see our action plan!



This year we will be working towards our Cymraeg Campus 'Bronze' award. 

Cymraeg Campus – Cymraeg Campus is a Language Charter that is used to promote the use of the Welsh language throughout the school, across the Curriculum and in all area of school life. In school we have established a ‘Criw Cymraeg’ who are a pupil voice setup to encourage and promote the Welsh language.

The 10 targets to achieve Bronze are:


  • A visual Welsh ethos is beginning to be established.
  •  A majority of the pupils have an understanding and respect for the culture and language of Wales.
  •  Pupils are beginning to speak Welsh in a variety of situations within their classrooms.
  •  Pupils are beginning to speak Welsh in a variety of situations outside their classrooms.
  • There is a weekly Welsh assembly.
  •  Pupils are encouraged to use Apps and websites to learn Welsh.
  •  The school organises some enrichment activities to develop pupils use and enjoyment of Welsh.
  • Welsh guided reading groups are held fortnightly.
  •  Aspects of one subject is beginning to be taught through the medium of Welsh.
  • A majority of the pupils have a positive attitude towards learning Welsh.