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Playground Buddies


Every playtime and lunch time, selected children from Year 3 plan, arrange and deliver a variety of activities and games for children to play on the school yard.


Led by Miss Cooper, the aim of the sessions are to ensure that all children have a fun and enjoyable playtime, where they can interact and communicate with other children, whilst improving their health, fitness and well-being.


Playground Leaders are carefully selected based on their personal attributes and willingness to undertake a responsibility within school.  After the selection process, each child is provided with training  so that they can offer a wide range of games and activities for different ages that will engage girls and boys.


The Six Key Principles for Playground Leaders are:

  • Enjoyment – If the children do not find sessions fun and enjoyable they will not return.
  • Co-operation – Working together with children of different ages.
  • Safety – Understand the importance of health and safety by making sure that all equipment is safe and that children play by the rules.
  • Opportunities – Creating opportunities for children so that they can take part in a variety of different activities and games.
  • Instructions – Providing clear and accurate instructions so that everyone knows what to do and the expectations required of them.
  • Responsibility – Taking responsibility for the welfare of others

Our Mission Statement

Key actions for this Half term 


  • Speak to teachers about the playground and what they want to change 
  • Speak to pupils about the playground and what they want to change 
  • Understand the playground rota 
  • Look at what equipment we have and see what we could add or change 
  • See how we can improve the rota system for all

The playground Buddies - 2023/2024