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Christian Values

Our Core Values

At Saint David’s CiW Primary school we recognise the influence that our school and individual teachers have on developing the values of our pupils.

Our pupils learn important Christian Values at school through the relationships they develop, everyday classroom interactions and from the examples set by their teachers. 


At Saint David’s CiW Church in Wales Primary School, Christian Values are transmitted daily through:

  • The management, stated mission and aims of our school which is reflected in the ethos.

  • Teachers’ example which helps pupils to internalise ideas of what is acceptable and not acceptable in the living, working community of school.

  • Collective worship, which is an opportunity for school to explore together Christian Values


Each half term the whole school explores a different Christian Value. There is a dedicated Christian Value day where each class is immersed into the value through a range of stimulating and reflecting  activities. It is a wonderful opportunity to hear about the different aspects of that value that the pupils have focussed on. When talking to pupils they are very enthusiastic about these days and this is evident in the way that they incorporate the value into their daily activities and across the curriculum.



  Our Values Overview 


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Year B

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 Our Value this term is Generosity.

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This term we are focussing on Generosity as our chosen Christian Value.

We will be introducing the theme by looking at the story of the Widow's Mite (Mark 12:41-44)


The Widow’s Mite


Jesus had been teaching in the Temple. But now he sat down near the treasury and watched as many visitors to the Temple passed by and dropped money into the collecting box to help with God’s work.


The rich men dressed in fine robes threw I handfuls of coins as they passed, without a thought. But then a poor widow came by, paused, and placed just two mites (tiny coins) into the box.


Jesus called his disciples and told them what he had seen.


Then he said to them, ‘Let me tell you, this poor widow gave more than all those people who threw coins into the treasury. The wealthy men gave just a small part of their riches which made no difference to them. But the widow gave all that she had.’

Based on Mark 12:41-44



For further information on Generosity, please click on the Generosity PDF document below. 

                               Our New Value this term is Compassion. Please click on the link below for further information.

Other Faiths

At St. David's we have introduced days where we celebrate the festivals and practices of other world faiths.

Our aim is to develop pupils understanding of the world around them, enabling them to become ethnically informed citizens  in an ever changing world.