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Passport to the City

Passport to the City and Children's University


Passport to the City is a programme to ensure young people from all backgrounds can enjoy the world-class amenities Cardiff has to offer. Through partnership between Cardiff Council, Cardiff University, schools and city partners, we hope to create rich learning programmes that enable learners to access all of Cardiff’s amenities. The hours learners complete extra to traditional ‘in-school’ learning can be logged via Children’s University accounts. Learners will be rewarded throughout the year and culminating in a graduation style event held at Cardiff University’s Centre for Student Life.

Graduation ceremony


Cardiff University Business School Event

March 2023


Year 5 had a wonderful day out at Cardiff University business school where they completed workshops in:  BT Classroom immersive virtual experience, invertebrate species (run by colleagues from Cardiff Museum), hedgehogs, and animal biobanking. wildlife/wellbeing garden,  Chainmail workshop and modern foreign languages.


Cardiff University Partnership Event 16th November 2022

Over 100 pupils were invited to visit Cardiff University and sample taster sessions from a variety of University Schools. Pupils experienced coding workshops, life in a working scientific lab and had the opportunity to perform in a music hall. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

The day marked the beginnings of a partnership between Cardiff Council and Cardiff University which aims to encourage and develop a love of learning by providing pupils with access to activities including art and music, science, technology, engineering and mathematics as well as cultural and graphics design courses, each contributing towards a ‘Passport to Learning’. The scheme brings together a range of city-wide partners to invest in raising the aspirations of leaners, whilst developing pathways to make these aspirations a reality.