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What Matters?

  • Language Connects UsLanguages connect us with people, places and communities. This Area is designed to equip learners, as citizens of a bilingual Wales in a multilingual world, with the ability to use Welsh, English and international languages. Meaningful learning experiences in a multilingual context go hand in hand with learning about one’s own cultural identity as well as the cultural identities of others. Engagement with this Area can therefore foster in learners pride in their sense of identity and belonging to Wales as well as the world.
  • Understanding languages is key to understanding the world around us - Languages and literacy are fundamental to human communication. They enable us to make sense of what is heard, read and seen, and thus to develop our understanding, empathy and our ability to respond and to mediate effectively. This Area aims to provide learners with opportunities to experience spoken and written language, as well as images, in a range of forms and genres. 
  • Expressing ourselves through languages is key to communication -Clear and effective communication through spoken and written language is an important life skill. It calls for the ability to use and adapt language in a range of roles, genres, forms, media and styles and in a suitable register. In a bilingual and multilingual context, this also calls for the ability to choose an appropriate language and to mediate.
  • Literature fires imagination and inspires creativity - This Area provides learners with literary experiences that can engage them as listeners, viewers, readers, narrators and creators. These experiences support them to appreciate a creator’s craft as well as develop their own creative skills. They should be encouraged to experience and respond to a variety of literature that gives them insight into the culture, people and history of Wales as well as the wider world.


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