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09 June 2023  


Joint Letter from the Chair of Governors – St David’s Church In Wales and All Saints Church In Wales Primary


Dear Parents and Carers                                                                                                                                                          


As you may be aware there have been a lot of changes within education recently which have challenged school communities to think more creatively to ensure that we are best placed to maintain the best possible educational experience for all our children. Financial pressures are also forcing schools to look at innovative and cost-effective solutions.


Our schools have been successfully collaborating since April 2022 and Governors of both schools have monitored closely the success of this collaboration. We would now like to propose to make the arrangement a permanent one by moving into a formal federation whereby both schools will have one Executive Head leading both schools.


A federation is a family of schools, with each school retaining its unique character, its own budget and having a separate Estyn inspection.  The current admissions processes will remain the same. The schools will share one governing body made up from representatives from both school communities.


We are proposing to build on the solid foundations established by our collaboration and ensure continuing strong leadership and high standards in teaching and learning whilst maintaining each school’s individual ethos and values. We aspire to keep each school’s unique values the same. For reassurance we are not looking to change the uniform or the branding of both schools. We will however develop a Federation identity for use when required.  


There is a Federation consultation process


The Governors of both schools involved have set up a consultation process to seek the views of parents, staff, the community, the local authority, and other key partners.  Full details are available in the consultation pack.


We look forward to hearing from you and will, of course, keep you fully informed regarding our final decision.



Yours sincerely,



   Lee Davies                                   John Caddick


Chair of Governors                                                  Chair of Governors

St David’s CIW Primary School                               All Saints CIW Primary School