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Senedd - Pupil Parliament

St David's CiW Pupil Parliament - Senedd Ysgol Dewi Sant

We are a group of elected pupils from Year 4 who make important decisions on the school with Mr Morgan.

Pupil Leadership Team 2021-2022


The Pupil Leadership Team is made up of pupils from Year 4. They meet regularly with Mr Morgan to discuss ways of improving the school. Their role includes driving whole school projects to promote the 4 purposes of the new curriculum as well as ensure that the four purposes are being developed in other pupil voice groups. 

Representatives are elected by their peers in annual class elections and they take the views of their classmates to meetings where they can be discussed in a semi-formal manner. Two members of the school council are given specific positions, such as Prime-Minister and Deputy Prime-Minister, and use a display board to present the minutes and agenda of meetings.


If you are interested in being a part of our School Pupil Leadership Team during the academic year 2021-22, please see the attached information below. 

Our Manifesto Process

We are elected by our peers through a fair voting system. We have to present our arguments for why we think we would be great members of Pupil Parliament

Mission Statement

Action Plan 2021-22