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Year 4 - Severn

Blwyddyn 4 - Year 4

Class Teacher: Mr S Morgan 

Class LSA: Ms. R. Griffiths


Schoop - the school ID is 17699

Twitter - @StDavidsCiWPrm https://twitter.com/StDavidsCiWPrm

Email: year4@stdavidsprm.cardiff.sch.uk

Google Classroom Code: glgwf6i


Key dates for your Diary - Autumn 2021

6th September – All return to school

13th September – After School Clubs Commence

17th September - School Closed – (Staff Training)

20th September – School Closed - (Staff Training)

23rd September – Rags to Riches Collection

24th September - Macmillan Coffee Morning

19th October – School Individual Photos

18th &19th October – Parents Evening

W.C. 25th October - Half Term

1st November – Return to School

15th November – International Languages and Culture week

6th December – Christmas Concert Week (TBC)

14th December – Christmas Dinner

15th December – Messy Christmas Day

16th December – Christmas Panto Trip (TBC)

17th December - End of Term

Tuesday 4th January 2022 – Return to school

Here are our drawings of our New Class Teacher and New LSA - Mr Morgan and Miss Griffiths!


This term our topic will be 'Off with their heads!' - a Humanities topic learning all about what life was like during the 16th and 17th century. We will be learning about the infamous king Henry VIII, his six wives and his children as well as focusing on what life was like to be a child during this time period.We will also be comparing what life was like then and now, focusing on Tudor recipes and Tudor homes. 

Our Languages, Literacy and Communication sessions will be using 'Tirion's Secret Journal' to support us in our learning. We will be learning about life during this era and the jobs children used to do during this time period - including working as spider brushers and spit-boys.

Maths and Numeracy will be focused on consolidating our understanding of place value up to 10 000, comparing, ordering and representing numbers using a range of different manipulatives. We will also be using mental strategies to calculate the length of each monarch's reign, using our knowledge of 2D shapes to create our own Tudor roses; writing dates using Roman numerals and planning a Tudor banquet! 

In Science and Technology learning experiences, we will be researching the skeleton and organs of the body and carrying out a scientific enquiry. During out ICT sessions, we will be focusing on 'It's Good to Talk'. This unit looks specifically on the power of words; how to add and respond to comments online; adding attachments to emails and sharing work using an online classroom. Pupils will also be designing and building their own Tudor houses!

Our Health and Wellbeing focus this term will be on kindness, how to seek help and advice from others and building strong friendships and discussing confidence and perseverance when facing challenges. 

During Expressive Arts lessons, pupils will be exploring Tudor music in Welsh and will be learning some Tudor dance moves in PE. Children will also be performing and creating portraits using a medium of their choice of a monarch of their choice. 

Through our New Curriculum topic, we will be developing these aspects of the four purposes with our learners:

ambitious, capable learners who:

› set themselves high standards and seek and enjoy challenge

› are building up a body of knowledge and can apply that knowledge in different contexts

› are questioning and enjoy solving problems

› can communicate effectively using both Welsh and English

› can explain the ideas and concepts they are learning about

› can use number effectively in different contexts

› use digital technologies creatively to communicate

› undertake research

...and are ready to learn throughout their lives.


healthy, confident individuals who:

› take part in physical activity

› have the confidence to participate in performance

› form positive relationships 

› face and overcome challenge

› work independently

...and are ready to lead fulfilling lives as valued members of society.


ethical, informed citizens who:

› find, evaluate and use evidence in forming views

 › are knowledgeable about their culture, community, society and the world, now and in the past

› respect the needs and rights of others

...and are ready to be citizens of Wales and the world.


enterprising, creative contributors who:

› connect and apply their knowledge and skills to create ideas and products

›express ideas and emotions through different media

› give of their energy and skills so that other people will benefit

...and are ready to play a full part in life and work.

Healthy Snack

Families may choose to provide your child with their own healthy snack, however, there are also a range of fruit options that can be purchased from our schools healthy snack shop. Please can all orders be purchased on either a weekly, or termly basis. The cost of fruit per week is £2 per week, or £14 for the first half term. Payments should be made via parent pay. If you wish to purchase snack on a weekly basis, please can all orders be paid for in advance, no later than 12 noon on the Friday before snack is required.




Excellent work this week showing kindness towards your class mates and showing determination to be the best you can be! Bendigedig!


A learning context homework grid is available on Google Classroom and on our class page, which can be completed over the course of the term and can be found on the Severn page of our school website. Your child can choose to do as many of the tasks as they wish.  The children will be also be set weekly or fortnightly tasks to complete at home which alternate between literacy and numeracy. The children will also have spellings to practise weekly. This might be a game or an activity that you can do together at home.  All homework will be shared via Google classroom and uploaded on a Friday. This must be completed by the following Thursday.


We would love to share some of their home learning within the classroom at the end of term so please send this in to us no later than Wednesday 20th October 2021 in order for your child to share their work on Friday 22nd October 2021.  



Practise your German at home, clicking on the link above! Use your individual logins to gain points for the school! If you need new logins and passwords, let Mr Morgan know! 




Use this link to continue learning Welsh at home! 


Generosity is ………


G iving something we value to someone else

E  ncouraging the best in each other

N ever selfish

E  njoying helping others

R  aising support for a good cause

O ffering what we can

S  haring our time and talents

I   nviting someone to join in

T  aking care of God’s creation for future generations

Y  ou first, me last.