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          Class Teacher: Miss G Lavis-Cole                         LSA: Miss J Lloyd


If you have any queries or concerns please let us know, we're here to help smiley.

 You can e-mail reception@stdavidsprm.cardiff.sch.uk and we will get back to you as soon as possible or alternatively you can talk to us at the end of the day once the children have been dismissed.


Please could you follow the link below to complete the Health and Well-Being survey with your child.



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Home Learner of the Week


Our Home Learner of the Week: Charlotte

For: Working so hard on her daily exercise with Joe Wicks! For also being our yoga guru and creating her own yoga sessions. Gwaith da!



'Funny Bones'

We are looking forward to having a wonderful half term and can't wait to start our next adventure.

Our topic this term is: Funny Bones

The children will be looking at how to look after their bodies through the story "Funnybones". They will be looking what are bodies are made of (bones) and how they work. This will include looking at skeletons and how we look after our bodies through exercise and healthy eating. This will also include healthy eating, healthy mindset. There will be regular updates on this web page, together with tweets and messages through Schoop. Keep your eyes peeled for exciting updates!


Mid Term Planning Map


Here you will find all the information you will need to support your child through home learning. Each day activities will be added, these will include Literacy, Numeracy and a topic activity. Below you will also find other activities, games and websites that can support your child's learning further.



Schoop - the school ID is 17699

Twitter - @StDavidsCiWPrm https://twitter.com/StDavidsCiWPrm

Email: reception@stdavidsprm.cardiff.sch.uk 


Accessing online materials:

Reception Hwb

To access the Reception portal, please visit this link and join our class: https://hwb.gov.wales/go/jwmjxt

All children will need their Hwb log in to access our Home Learning Portals. These would have been e-mailed to you. If you do not have these please e-mail reception@stdavidsprm.cardiff.sch.uk.


Joe Wicks- Daily P.E

Here is the link to a daily P.E session at 9:00am for all children across the UK. Join in and start your day in a fun way!



Cosmic Kids Yoga

Here is a link to wonderful yoga activities based around a story. It's a brilliant way to keep calm and keep your body active. You can also find videos on youtube.




A Parents Guide to using the HWB Home Learning Classes

Non-Screen Activities for Home Learning


Week Beginning: 18.05.20

Health and Well-being Week


This week all the activities you will be completing will be around Health and Well-being. As a school we will have a different focus every day. The document below will support you with some ideas each day. It would be lovely if you could also think of some of your own as well.

Homework Grid

Please can books be returned by Wednesday. 

**Home School Learning- These activities can be used as part of your home school learning**

Homework will be sent home every Friday. The homework subject will change every week and will include literacy or numeracy activities alongside reading. Below is also a homework grid where you can complete different activities throughout the half term at your own pace. 


**For every piece of homework completed your child will receive a gold star and help them on their way to becoming VVIP**




What have we been learning?

-RWI sounds and how to form them correctly

-How to form our name correctly

-Sounding out CVC words using our Fred Fingers (C-A-T CAT)

-Using finger spaces and full stops.

-Using adjectives to describe characters/objects.

-Writing menus, lists, letters, wanted posters, cards

-Taking on the role of dragon, talk and act like a dragon.

How can I help at home?

-Continue to practise RWI sounds (recognising and forming)

-Continue forming my name (try surname for challenge)

-Continue sounding out CVC words using Fred Fingers (C-A-T CAT)

-Continue using finger spaces and full stops.

-Think of different adjectives to describe characters, objects.

-Write an account of activities or day trips.

-Put on a show, take on a role of a character.


y2mate.com - RWI Pure Sounds_s6OiU2h3sUI_360p.mp4

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This is an online resource where you child can learn new sounds, words and practise the skill of reading through storytelling and games. Each child has their own log in with the activities tailored to their development. 

Your child would have brought log in details home, if you have not please contact me.



This is an online resource where your child can read online books, play phonics and CVC word games as well as activity inspiration for practical activities inside and outside the house. The resource is free to use and has lots of advice for parents.

Username: stdavidsreception

Password: Reception123



Phonics Play is an interactive game that we use in the classroom daily. There are lots of activities for CVC words- our favourite is Obb and Bob. When selecting activities please select Phase 2. 

(This activity needs flash player)

Username: march2020

Password: home



Topmarks is a wonderful website that has a lot of interactive games for sound recognition, CVC words and a wonderful sky writer game to encourage letter formation. The website also has a parents section that give further details and explanation on how you can support and challenge your child's learning at home.



What have we been learning?

-How to recognise and form our numbers to 10/20.

-To add numbers up to 10/20.

-Number bonds to 10/20.

-Subtraction up to 10.

-Recognise, describing and comparing shapes.

-Sequencing and comparing numbers up to 10/20.

-Recognising and using 1p, 2p, 5p and 10p coins to pay for items.

-Moving in given direction ( giving instructions- 1 step forward, turn left)

-Recognising and showing o'clock on a clock.


How can I help at home?

-Continue to form numbers up to 10/20

- Continue to practise adding different sets up numbers up to 10/20.

-Continue practising number bonds to 5/10/20.

-Continue to practise subtraction up to 10.

-Continue to sequence and compare numbers up to 10/20.

-Continue to recognise and use 1p, 2p, 5p and 10p coins to pay for items.

-To begin to add different coins together to pay for items.

-To continue to practise using o'clock to tell the time throughout the day.

-To begin to recognise even and odd numbers.

-To begin to recite numbers in 10's up to 100 (10,20,30,40,50)


Here is a number map which helps us to remember how to form our numbers to 10.


Oxford Owl has some lovely mathematics games, including shape, addition, subtraction and even time. They also have downloadable resources including worksheets and wonderful advice for parents. Reception are currently working on numbers up to 10 and up to 20.



Topmarks is a wonderful maths website that has lots of interactive mathematics games. They have a wide selection of topics including sequencing numbers, problem solving, money, and addition and subtraction to name a few. The website also has a parents resource section which will show you how to give you further guidance of how you can support and challenge your children's learning at home.


As part of modern foreign languages (MFL) Reception have been learning Italian. We have been learning our colours and numbers. Below and the song we have been learning to help us.


y2mate.com - Impara i colori con gli amici pesciolini @MelaMusicTV_RHvWW1hYHds_360p.mp4

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y2mate.com - Numbers Song in Italian. Canzone dei Numeri._8JsdiTiowGM_720p.mp4

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Languagenut is a wonderful online tool where children can access resources to support the development of their new language (Italian). Each child will have their own log in details where they can gain points for activities completed. Languagenut will also give you the correct pronunciation of words and phrases. You can learn alongside your child! These points will show a class ranking, school ranking, and even our school ranking compared to all schools around the world. Reception have access to Italian and Welsh! At St David's we love multilingual children. Have fun!!

Where to start Italian: We have learnt our colours and numbers to 10. We are about to start the weather.


Other activities

Snap Game: This could be used with numbers, food and colours.

Feely Bag: Put different colours, numbers, food in a bag and pull different things out to name them. (Can you beat your last score?)


Weekly Routines


In Reception we will be having daily snack which includes milk/water and fruit/vegetables. We can provide snack at a cost or you can provide your child with their own fruit or vegetables. 

Water: Children can bring in a water bottle to keep in class to drink throughout the day, please ensure only plain water is in the bottles and they are labelled with the child's name. 

Snack money: Snack money is £1.50 per week, and should be paid via ParentPay before 8am on Monday mornings.



PE will take place on: Tuesday

Children need to bring in black shorts, white/house coloured t-shirt and trainers. In school all children are encouraged to become independent in their learning. We encourage children to take off and put on jumpers, coats, socks, shoes and PE kit on their own. To support your child's independence; please practice these personal skills at home.



Please return to school every day.

In preparation for reading your child will bring home sound sheets and key words to support their development. Please can you practise these daily. A small note to let us know how they are getting on at home is much appreciated .