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Class Teacher: Mrs Underhill-Jones

Learning Support: Miss Lees-Griffiths and Miss Hill





Schoop - the school ID is 17699

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Email: nursery@stdavidsprm.cardiff.sch.uk


Nursery 2020-2021

What a fantastic time we have had in Nursery this year so far! Please watch the video to see what we have been up to. There are just a few remaining places available for January rising 3's. Please contact the office on stdavidsprm@cardiff.gov.uk

Hwb and Google Classroom

Hwb and Google classroom for Nursery instructions

Google For Education - Blended and Distance Learning at St David's CIW

Important dates


Autumn Term 2

November 2nd - Children return to school


December 17th - End of term



This week's VIP goes to this young lady for being so enthusiastic completing her homework every week on Goggle Classroom! Well Done!




Context for learning

This half term we will continue our topic of 'Guess how much I love you' before moving on to our new topic of 'A King is born'.  We will look at the Nativity, design and create Christmas craft, practice for our part in the whole school virtual Christmas concert, look at Winter weather and animals and investigate 'shiny' materials. We will continue to look at numbers to 10 - counting forwards and backwards and in different sequences, look at shapes and understand the purpose of money in our Elves workshop role play area. We will continue to practice the letter sounds m, a, s and introduce the rest of set 1 - s, d, t, i

Four Core Purposes this half term - We will be:


Healthy, confident individuals - having secure values and are establishing spiritual and ethical beliefs; building mental and emotional well-being by developing confidence, resilience and empathy; having the confidence to participate in performance; forming positive relationships based upon trust and mutual respect: having the skills and knowledge to manage everyday life as independently as I can;


Ethically, informed citizens - understanding the impact of my actions when making choices and acting; respecting the needs and rights of others, as a member of a diverse society; beginning to show understanding of my culture, community, society and the world, now and in the past;


Ambitious, capable learners - ​​​​questioning and enjoying solving problems; communicating effectively in different forms and settings, using both Welsh and English; explaining the ideas and concepts they are learning about; using number effectively in different contexts



Enterprising, creative, contributors - connecting and applying their knowledge and skills to create ideas and products; thinking creatively to solve problems; identifying and grasping opportunities; taking measured risks; expressing ideas and emotions through different media





Click on the link below to see this term's homework grid. Children may do as many homework tasks as they like and bring them into school to share with the class whenever a task has been completed.

Homework 20/11/20

Weekly Updates


W/C - 16/11/20

This week we have looked at forming and recognising the letter sound 's'. We enjoyed playing games and finding the object that begins with 's'. In maths, we looked at what pets we have and created a pictogram using J2e on our interactive whiteboard. As part of the Taith Adfent project, we talked about Advent and discussed the journey of baby Jesus after he was born.  We also listened to the story of Snappy Shark and Squeak Mouse to raise awareness of Anti-bullying week.


W/C - 9/11/20

We have been busy this week celebrating Diwali - the Hindu Festival of Light. We created our own Diva lamps and decorated pictures of Lotus flowers with glitter in our continuous and enhanced provision. We also created a Rangoli pattern on a CD which will be made into fantastic outdoor decorations.  As well as Diwali this week, we observed Remembrance by creating a lovely Poppy wreath and created our own Pudsey headbands while celebrating Children in Need. 


W/C - 2/11/20

This week we have been looking at the number 4 and making it in different ways, learning about what a story candle is and creating our own and looking at how much we love you by stretching as high as we can and as wide as we can.  We enjoyed having a virtual VIP assembly and watched Year 4 as they showed us how they used sign language to sing. 


W/C - 19/10/20

This week we have continued to learn the letter sound 'a' and number 3. We looked at the Bible and talked about who Jesus is along with learning our school morning prayer. We looked at pictures of ourselves when we were a baby and discussed what we can do now that we couldn't do then.  We looked at how much we have grown and painted our self portraits.  To celebrate Black History awareness month. We read the story of Handa's Surprise and talked about how we are all different but all the same. We also created a Nursery handprint tree to show how we celebrate togetherness.  We talked about Africa and explored the sounds that African instruments make.  



W/C - 12/10/20

This week we have been learning the letter sound 'a' by saying the rhyme 'around the apple and down the leaf'. We used paint to form the letter and tried our best to form the letter in our books. In math's we looked at the numbers 1,2 and 3 and practised forming them in playdough and glitter. In science, we looked at the environments - countryside and city. We talked about the different places in Cardiff and programmed a beebot to find them on a road map. We looked at the story 'The love monster' and created our own monsters using different materials and shapes.


W/C - 5/10/20

We have continued learning the letter sound 'm' this week. We have practised forming it in glitter, playdough and on our sequin boards. We looked at the number 2 and formed it using paint and on the ipads. We were lucky enough to participate in a virtual class worship with Rev Matt on our value this half term of Thankfulness.  It was great seeing the whole school and we practised sitting quietly and saying our morning prayer. Friday we joined in with celebrations to promote National Mental Health day. We did some mindfulness breathing exercises and some yoga!


W/C - 28/9/20

Another busy week in Nursery. We looked at saying and forming the letter sound 'm' by saying the rhyme 'Maisie, Mountain, Mountain'. We looked at the number 1 in Maths - forming, counting, using our fingers. We painted our portraits and explored our Autumn tuff tray.  We have been learning to say Bore Da and answer the register in Welsh. We love our outdoor area and like exploring our new Digi Den in class. 


W/C - 21/9/20

What a busy week we have had in Nursery this week. We celebrated Harvest by going on an acorn hunt to help Scamper the Squirrel find his lost acorns, we made a scarecrow, role played the story of the 'Little Red Hen', sorted Scampers acorns and learnt the song 'Big Red combine harvester'. We looked at our topic of 'Guess how much I love you' and made some lovely cards to send home to our families. Mr Williams also enjoyed teaching us PE on Friday.  We had to throw bean bags into hoops and run around and in between the hoops.


W/C - 14/9/20

This week we have enjoyed our first PE session. We practised balancing on 1 leg, jumping with two feet, running in a straight line and climbing onto low apparatus. We looked at identifying and matching 2D shapes, making bead patterns and completing a jigsaw puzzle. We enjoyed talking to each other and shared stories during snack time. 


W/C - 7/9/20

This week we have had fun in our outdoor area. We have played with the bikes and scooters, played football, built train tracks and made food in our outdoor kitchen.  We have explored our role play area inside, built towers with wooden bricks, played with toy horses and investigated our discovery area.  We have enjoyed mark making and counting and joined in with lots of story time and songs. 



Home Learning



In the unexpected event of another school closure or if your child is at home self-isolating, you will find weekly activities both here and on our Hwb class page.


Christian Values




Our school Christian Value for this term is Perseverance 


Very little that is really worthwhile in life can be achieved without perseverance. An athlete may train for years before they are ready to compete at the highest level. A musician must practice every day, sometimes for hours at a time, if they are to really master their instrument.

• How would each family member rate themselves on a scale of 1 - 10 at perseverance?

• Can you give an example of something you have achieved by determined perseverance?

• Is there a skill that you think you could improve with perseverance?


Parent video: Introduction to Daily Read Write Inc. Phonics Lessons






This is an online resource where you child can learn new sounds, words and practise the skill of reading through storytelling and games. 



This is an online resource where your child can read online books, play phonics and CVC word games as well as activity inspiration for practical activities inside and outside the house. The resource is free to use and has lots of advice for parents.

Username: mrsunderhilljones

Password: nursery




Phonics Play is an interactive game that we use in the classroom daily. There are lots of activities for CVC words- our favourite is Obb and Bob. When selecting activities please select Phase 2. 

(This activity needs flash player)

Username: march20

Password: home





Oxford Owl has some lovely mathematics games, including shape, addition, subtraction and even time. They also have downloadable resources including worksheets and wonderful advice for parents.



P.E is on a Friday.  Your child will need black shorts, house colour or white t-shirt and trainers, labelled clearly with their name. They may also wear black jogging bottoms and a school hoodie for outside activities. 



Internet Safety





For information about supporting your child with using the internet safely, please click on the following link:






Snack money is £1.50 per week, and should be paid via ParentPay before 8am on Monday mornings. We are a healthy eating

school and children can only eat fresh fruit or fresh vegetables for their snack. We provide a wide variety of choice including

apples, oranges, bananas, melon, pineapple, plums, peaches and carrots sticks when in season. If you prefer, you may send in

fresh fruit or fresh vegetables from home for their snack.


Children may bring a bottle of water with their name clearly labelled to school to drink. We are happy to refill their bottles for them during the day.



Nursery Girls:

• Black skirt/pinafore dress/shorts/trousers

• White polo shirt either plain or with school logo

• Green sweatshirt or cardigan, either plain or with school logo (without a hood)

• Plain black knee length socks or black tights

• During the summer green and white checked dresses with plain white short or knee length socks


Nursery Boys:

• Black shorts or trousers (no jogging bottoms)

• White polo shirt either plain or with school logo

• Green sweatshirt or cardigan, either plain or with school logo (without a hood)

• Plain black socks


Children need a change of clothes and footwear for P.E (for health and hygiene reasons) and a draw-string bag in which to keep the kit at school. All school uniform and P.E. kit must be labelled with your child’s name



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