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Rights Respecting Schools

Rights Respecting Schools


The Unicef UK Rights Respecting Schools Award supports schools across the UK to embed children’s human rights in their ethos and culture.


The Award recognises achievement in putting the UN Convention on the Right of the Child (CRC) at the heart of a school’s practice to improve wellbeing and help all children and young people realise their potential.


The Award is based on principles of equality, dignity, respect, non-discrimination and participation. The initiative started in 2006 and schools involved in the Award have reported a positive impact on relationships and wellbeing, leading to better learning and behaviour, improved academic standards and less bullying.

Schools involved in the Rights Respecting Schools Award work towards the recognition that they have embedded children and young people’s rights in their school’s practice and ethos. Schools are required to implement three evidence-based strands that cover the leadership of the school, knowledge and understanding of children’s rights, ethos and relationships and the empowerment of children and young people.


There are three levels to the Award:


Bronze: Rights Committed

Silver: Rights Aware

Gold: Rights Respecting


Steering Group


Children from Years 2-6 have been chosen to represent and support our school in our journey to becoming a Rights Respecting School.  


Our Steering group are:



Our Charter






We are on our way to becoming a Rights Respecting School at St David's CIW Primary and have applied for our Bronze award.   Next academic year we will be working towards our Silver award.

UN Convention on the Rights of the Child



In 1989, governments across the World promised that every child would have the same rights when they adopted the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.
The convention tells everyone what they must do to make sure that every child can grow, learn, be safe, can be listened to and treated fairly.

There are 43 articles relating to children’s rights in the charter.  Please see the document below for a summary of the rights.



The ABCDE of Rights


Rights are for all children and young people throughout the world (universal), are there at birth (inherent), cannot be taken away (inalienable), do not come with any conditions attached to them (unconditional) and are all equally important (indivisible)


                    A                                                                B                                                   C                                                            

Rights for ALL children.                                Rights are there at BIRTH.                                Rights CANNOT be taken away.        

         Universal                                                              Inherent                                                              Inalienable                                            


           D                                                E

 Rights DO NOT have to be earnt.                  All rights are EQUALLY important.

        Unconditional                                                          Indivisable



Information about Right Respecting Schools



Information about becoming a Rights Respecting School can be found below.