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Welcome to Reception!


Reception Staff

Class Teacher:   Miss S Richards


LSAs: Mrs J Rosser.



Welcome back from Easter half term. Our topic this term is "Minibeasts." The children will be talking about the different minibeasts, making observations and predictions about where they live and what they might like to eat as well as going on minibeast hunts to discover their habitats! There will be regular updates on this web page, together with tweets and messages through Schoop. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please speak to any of the Reception team - we are always available at the end of the day.

Weekly Routines

Snack time:
Children can bring in a water bottle to keep in class to drink throughout the day, please ensure only plain water is in the bottles and they are labelled with the child's name. 

Please help your child to learn their initial sounds and then begin sounding out words using these sounds, words such as cat, dog, mat, man etc. If your child already is confident with their phonic sounds please encourage correct letter formation and help them to learn keywords. When your child knows all of their initial sounds, please help them learn their blends such as: oa, er, ee,oo, ar etc. 

Please help your child to correctly form numbers. Some of the things we will be covering is: number recognition and formation as well as adding/taking away objects and using our fingers to add and take away, coins up to 10p, sharing amounts, measuring using things such as blocks, cubes and rulers, We will also be singing lots of number rhymes and watching numeracy videos.


Personal Independence:
P.E is on a Monday afternoon. Children need to bring in black shorts, white/house coloured t-shirt and trainers. In school all children are encouraged to become independent in their learning. We encourage children to take off and put on jumpers, coats, socks, shoes and PE kit on their own. To support your child's independence; please practice these personal skills at home.


Snack money: the cost of snack for your child is £1.50 per week or £10 for the this half term.

Please send in to school every Monday in an envelope clearly marked with your child's name or you can pay for the half term in one go and we will mark you off for the number of weeks paid.


P4C Books: Sent home on a Friday.  Please return it to school by the next Thursday  

Each pupil will have there own P4C book. It will have a question to discuss with your child and you can write down their answer and your child can draw or write their feelings.


Reading books: Sent home everyday to practise.  Please return to school every day.


Home/school Book: These will be sent home every day.

Please return your child's bag to class every day and write any comments in the home/school book if there is anything that needs to be communicated to the Reception staff.


Certificates: A V.I.P is chosen each week on Friday. A certificate will be presented to the VIP during the Monday Headteacher's Award Worship. If your child earns a certificate outside school this can be sent in on Mondays to be celebrated with the school.

The VIP can wear their own clothes for the following week, get to sit on special chairs in worship and in class and they have the right to be first in lines.


Thank you!

Miss Richards and Mrs Rosser.


Context for Learning

Summer Term

This Term we will focus on the topic of Minibeasts.


Our Christian Value for this half term is




If your child has something linked to the topic that they would like to show the class to enhance their learning you are welcome to send it in with your child.

Termly Topic Planner



​Little Big Maths



Saying numbers beyond 20

Backwards from 20

Read numbers to 20

Order numbers 1 to 20

Count up to 20 objects - including grouping (2's, 10's or 5's)

Estimate the number of objects


Learn Its

Doubles   1 + 1   2 + 2   3 + 3   4 + 4   5 + 5


1 more than and 1 less than with numbers up to 10:

1 more than 5 is 6

1 less than 8 is 7


Read Write Inc

We are learning the following sounds.  


The specific sounds/words your child is learning each week will be sent home in their Phonics Books on a Friday.



When your child knows these sounds you can start making "green" words to read or write.  Such as cat, hit, mad, dig etc


The Phonics Book we send home are updated each Friday with the sounds/words we are learning that week.  Please encourage your child to have a go at reading or writing them.  

"Red" words will be introduced when your child is ready.  Red words are tricky as they cannot be sounded out with the above simple phonics, such as  I, my, the, of, was etc.


Some children are ready to move on to Set 2 Sounds. If your child is ready why not have a go at some of these as they come up in their reading!



Each Friday your child will bring home a "Philosophy For Children" style question in their P4C book.  

It is an opportunity to talk to your child and encourage discussion.  They can then draw a picture and you can write down what they thought.  

These books will be read in school but we do not mark them as there is no right or wrong answer.