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Pupil Leadership Team

Pupil Leadership Team


We are a group of elected pupils who make important decisions on the school.



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The Pupil Leadership Team is made up of representations of pupils from classes throughout the school and meets regularly with Mr Keohane to discuss ways of improving the school. Representatives are elected by their peers in annual class elections and they take the views of their classmates to meetings where they can be discussed in a semi-formal manner. Older members of the school council are given specific positions, such as chairperson and secretary, and use a display board to present the minutes and agenda of meetings. They are ambassadors for the school and have produced their own school brochure, “All About Our School”, written from their perspective as pupils.



Our Pupil Leadership Team Prayer:


Dear Lord, 

We are gathered here today to discuss ways to make the school better for all who work here.

Thank you for the gifts you give us and the Christian Values which help us to live our lives as you taught us to. Give us wisdom to make good choices and courage to speak our minds. 

In Jesu's name



(Written by the Pupil Leadership Team)