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Welcome to the Parent Council page

"The parent council is a recently-formed forum where parents play an active role in gaining first-hand experiences about the work in the school and have an opportunity to express their opinions."  ESTYN November 2013


As a community focused school it is important that parental views are carefully considered. As a result the Parent Council was established in November 2013 with the following core aims:


The Parent Council will:

*  Enable  parents to meet, share ideas and share feedback to the school

*  Give parents a voice and enables them to contribute to the school decision


*  Help parents develop a partnership between parents and school

*  Consult parents and advises governing body of parent views


The Parent Council meet every half term and if you have any ideas that the parent council can present at the next meeting we would appreciate your feedback. You can contact any member of the parent council face to face, via email, via their class Facebook pages or by leaving a written note at the school office. 

Over the past few years the Parent Council has been a major strength in school development. Mr Keohane is looking forward to building the strong links between school and home with the overarching mission of improving outcomes for all learners at our school. 



St David's Parent Council current representatives for each year and their contact details are below:


Nursery Mrs Higgins

Reception Hannah Dobson

Year 1 Rebecca Sharp

Year 2 Vicky Conway ( Vickyconway@sky.com)

Year 3  Lorraine Vernon ( lorrainevernon@sky.com)

Year 4 Karen Price

Year 5 Sam Emmott (seeemmott26@gmail.com)

Year 6 Sarah Goddard (visionmixqueen@hotmail.com)



1. 7.1.16 Parent Council Meeting

Parent Questions:

If you have a question that you would like to raise at Parent Council please compete the attached form.