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Christian Value


At Saint David’s CiW Primary school we recognise the major influence that school and individual teachers have on developing values of the pupils we teach. Our pupils learn important Christian Values at school from relationships, everyday classroom interactions from the examples set by teachers and R.E. lessons on values.

At Saint David’s CiW Church in Wales Primary School, Christian Values are transmitted daily through:

  • The management, stated mission and aims of our school which is reflected in the ethos.
  • Teachers’ example which helps pupils to internalise ideas of what is acceptable and not acceptable in the living, working community of school.
  • Collective worship, which is an opportunity for school to explore together Christian Values

Eighteen Values for Life have been selected, with us focusing on six values each academic year. Each half term the whole school explores a different Christian Value. There is a dedicated Christian Value day where each class discusses and learns about examples of that value, this is then fed back to the school in an afternoon Collective Worship. It is a wonderful opportunity to hear about the different aspects of that value that the pupils have focussed on. When talking to pupils they are very enthusiastic about these days and this is evident in the way that they incorporate the value into their daily activities and across the curriculum.


Forgiveness is the means by which damaged relationships are restored. It is an act of the will, motivated by love. For Christians, Jesus' death on a cross is the ultimate revelation of God's all forgiving love, and his sacrifice stands as a source of inspiration to forgive others, no matter what the cost.



Other Faiths

At St. David's we have introduced days where we celebrate the festivals and practices of other world faiths. This aims to give the pupils an understanding of the world around them and show respect for the belief of others. As with the Christian Values day we have a day where the whole school explores different elements of the faith and comes together for a Collective Worship to celebrate this with the school. The pupils are enthusiastic about these days and are learning to express links between religious beliefs.